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About Us

Considered Solutions is a consultancy business providing specific, innovative, but considered solutions and advice to clients since 1997.  Our specialities include the areas of ergonomics, human factors, electronics and embedded software.


Ms Airdrie Long is our Principal Ergonomist / Human Factors Specialist and Mr Ian Wilson is our Principal Design Engineer. They are experienced practitioners, each with more than 25 years in their chosen fields.

For multi-faceted jobs Considered Solutions draws on a large network to bring together teams of highly experienced, expert people with complementary skills.


Considered Solutions is based in Sydney, Australia, although we provide on-the-ground advice and training to many locations throughout New South Wales, Australia in general and round the world.

Electronics and Ergonomics?

Electronics and ergonomics may seem discrete disciplines with no overlap, however there are many projects that require both. Considered Solutions can bring high level usability knowledge to your new product and it can bring knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of electronic and software systems to our ergonomics and human factors work.

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