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We offer a wide range of services and technical expertise.  We have been involved, full-time, in electronic development since 1986 as degree qualified professional engineers.  Our expertise ranges from technology assessments and technical studies, product specification, analogue and RF design, low power, analogue and digital sensor based design and high speed digital circuits and software (both embedded and PC).


Ian Wilson is our Principal Engineer.  He has many year of design experience and strongly believes in detailed "decimal-point" checking in order to reduce design iterations - the benefits are lower development cost and faster time-to-market. See the About Us page for more details.


A new design brief is quickly partitioned into 4 levels of risk:Image showing division of items into four risk levels and the progression from high risk to low risk and finally implementation.

  1. Highest Risk - Things we do not know how to do and are not sure they can be done. These are potential project-killing issues that must be identified and controlled, if possible, early.
  2. Moderate Risk - Things we do not know how to do but are confident that a small amount of thought and research will resolve.
  3. Low Risk -Things we have not done but are well-understood.
  4. Implementation - Simply a matter of "turning the handle".

Initial research and thinking time is devoted to pushing the highest risk items into the lower risk categories. 

We take the time to listen and understand the concept and the brief, and, importantly, the users.  We will work to understand your requirement; we will ask questions about the technical, usability, safety and regulatory requirements and environment; we will then brainstorm concepts from the basic to the wild before reducing these to a development concept.  The high risk items are identified and resolved first.  There is a constant desire to minimise risk and development time scale by concentrating on the risk items. Regardless of the development plan, we will let our clients know of concepts and ideas that may have a place in a future version - we feed ideas for improvements to our clients, and, once given, these are unencumbered and can be used as seen fit by our clients. 

Risk is not always technical.  Commercial and time scale risks are factored in to the development plan and we remain nimble and flexible in order to be able to respond to changing circumstances.

We value long term relationships and would prefer to act as part of your team than simply acting and working in isolation (and then arguing over later integration problems).

We can work with well defined and settled specifications; we can also start with a client's partially formed brainwave and build a specification and development plan from there.

Experience, imagination and a strong focus on areas of risk and uncertainty allow us to quickly converge on viable development plans.

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